When I uploaded my first post on WordPress three years ago today, I had no idea what I was getting into…

I’m certainly grateful for what blogging has taught me and (now) excited (again) about the potential it holds but “for real for real“? I’m still winging it.

See….Authenticitee Speaks has morphed into a public record of my journal, a clear declaration of my allegiance to Jesus who I believe is the Christ, a platform to interview and showcase those who inspire me, words of encouragement and some serious, sho nuff grown folks love poetry. Oh and one mo’ thang Honty – everyone is welcome!! What the what?! What do you do with that kinda gumbo?

Actually – I’m not quite sure. I mean do I have to do something about that? Isn’t that what makes my authenticity speak? Just being me? Heck. Until my friend Quiana Scott; entrepreneur and former blogger of FEMpowered Persepective schooled me, I didn’t even know what a blog was 3 years ago. I even remember my fellow Gates Of Influence powerhouse classmate Latarsha Lytle asking a myriad of questions about “marketing plans for my target audience”. Huh?! Um. The hurting Ma’am. I have a burden for the hurting. That could be anyone! How do you target THAT?

The incessant fixation with stats and likes began to vehemently swirl around my pen but I refused to let it pressure me. I still refuse to let it sway me; whether I’m posting here or on my beloved Instagram page. I just write from my heart and trust that whoever needs to see it, will see it when they need it the most.

Yes; 3 years later I realize I have just as many things to unlearn as I do to learn! But as long as I’m at peace with a piece before sharing it with the masses, while exercising my oft used right to delete or archive it later; I am remaining true to myself. And that is what matters most to me. I’ve wrestled long enough with my range of writing by finishing the sentences of naysayers in my head! I’ve finally accepted that some will only see me as a preacher and others, only as the bass player’s wife. Then there are those who only know me as an Instagram poet or radio host. As a writer, I only have control over what people see, not how they perceive what they see. That revelation is LIBERATION personified!

But the truth is before I was a preacher, a wife, mom and somewhat of a public persona (lest I flatter myself), I was just ‘e‘. I’m most comfortable without the titles. I’m just ‘e’. And as I learn how to walk worthy of my calling, in spite of every embarrassing mistake and poor choice made…

No matter the format, on my word: I’m gonna spend the rest of my life making other people feel less broken. Period. No matter the setting, venue, method, expression or platform – that is the calling on my life. Here’s to hindsight, God breathed insight, being kind to myself and future happenings!

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to share below! Take a moment to introduce yourself! Special shout out to my Mom who reads every word and listens to every radio broadcast I’m on! Thank you Mommy! I love you to life!!

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Thank you for being here!


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