MEET IG POET @the_artful_cp #WriterCrushSeries

I have been blessed to see different facets of her poetry unfold. There is a sincerity laced within her persona that finds its way into her writing. Even the pieces which speak of yearning and unrequited love are gentle. Inviting. Believable. Relatable. In her own words… If you were to ask Celine to describe herself, she would tell you [...]

MEET IG POET @SOULSCAPE73 #WriterCrushSeries

It is my pleasure to introduce my Authenticitee Speaks audience to an absolute gem. I visit Tialila Kikon's Instagram page frequently for several reasons. It is peaceful, aesthetically pleasing and her writing is second to none. I enjoy interacting with her and admire her ability to say so much in so few words. Grace personified, [...]


Nope. Can’t say that I remember. I couldn’t tell you where any of my stickers from previous elections were hiding (if kept); nor have I ever been inclined to take a picture of one. Nonetheless this keepsake is from the recent United States 2016 presidential election. What I do remember is the first election where I was [...]

MEET & GREET! IT’S authenticitee’s 1st BIRTHDAY!

   A YEAR AGO TODAY authenticitee WAS BORN...LET THE MUSIC PLAY! I just wanna dance....FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR BLOG LINKS, INTRODUCE YOURSELF PLEASE! Meet, Greet & most of all, ENJOY🌹 My latest poem on Instagram (@authenticitespeaks) for your reading pleasure...    2016 I'm so glad you're here, e © Ericka Arthur and authenticitee, 2015, [...]