Season 1 Episode 3 Show Description Welcome to the “Inspiration With E” Radio Show with Ericka Arthur! “Inspired to inspire and healed to do the same”, is the self proclamation that fuels “E”. Each show she strives to encourage others while sharing different genres of great music, interviewing amazing guests and raising awareness about matters close […]

The Conversation Continues • Actor, Screenwiter, Playwright & Movie Producer Scott Rolfe • #CerebralPalsyAwareness

The conversation continues.  Picking up where we left off with my friend Scott Rolfe. In this second and final segment, he speaks candidly about life with Cerebral Palsy. Click Here for Part 1 Let’s talk about your work as a movie producer. Well I’ve done The Cinema Zone…it’s a short film that I starred in, […]

Meet Scott Rolfe: Actor, Screenwriter, Playwright and Movie Producer #CerebralPalsyAwareness

 Meet Scott Rolfe: Actor, Screenwriter, Playwright and Movie Producer I wish you could hear his laugh. As booming as his blue eyes are set deep in the well that cradles his genius, it’s magnetic. Meet Scott Rolfe. Actor, Screenwriter, Playwright, Movie Producer and friend of mine. Housed in a video arcade of old, our interview […]