Inspiration With E Are you a survivor? Can you inspire someone in a 1 minute video or less? What inspires you? Art, comedy, music? My new labor of love @InspirationWithE is something that I'm SUPER excited about! It's a space where I raise awareness while combining my love for fellow survivors, multicultural diversity, ALL genres [...]

MEET IG POET @lotusheart.romanisoul #WriterCrushSeries

Ilona ( pronounced "Ee-loh-nuh") is by far one of the most thoughtful people in our Instagram Poet community. She makes sure we remain a cyber family by looking out for the poet behind each poem. Be it health issues, life changes or an extended absence; Ilona reaches out to everyone. In addition to being considerate, [...]

MEET IG POET @the_artful_cp #WriterCrushSeries

I have been blessed to see different facets of her poetry unfold. There is a sincerity laced within her persona that finds its way into her writing. Even the pieces which speak of yearning and unrequited love are gentle. Inviting. Believable. Relatable. In her own words… If you were to ask Celine to describe herself, she would tell you [...]


​​ Uncut Video Below: Be encouraged & PLEASE encourage another!!! Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mommy! Thank you for your incredible support of every facet of who I am, strive to be and never want to be again! ​ WHEN MOTHER'S DAY ISN'T SO HAPPY Background song via B Slade - God Has Not [...]

WHO DO MEN OF COLOR TALK TO? #SuicidePrevention

ROUND TWO I'm in #Volunteer training again. I was talking to a friend about how things are rapidly changing in the field closest to my heart; #Suicide #Crisis #Intervention. Traditional training doesn't equip me to deal w/ Facebook Live suicides & the like. It's a different day we're living in & it's hard to ignore [...]


Been trying to catch my breath.  Every time I attempted to put pen to paper about the horrific events unfolding in the world, another hideous event would happen. From terror attacks to the evil murders of unarmed African Americans by those called to protect and serve; to the catastrophic retaliations. I believe we are living [...]

PAIN | To Feel Or Not To Feel

   When I was a small child, I made an embarrassing statement in ignorance that I was quickly chastised for. After being taught the definition of the word 'paralyzed'; I soon followed with a wish to be just that. Horrified by my statement, my Mom, a young widow at the time, immediately corrected me. Once [...]


  I'm very angry right now. I'm frowning and I feel some type of way. Yep. On a Sunday. Imagine that? My jaws are tight and my chest is swole. I'm salty yo. All urban vernacular for the pissiest levels of pistivity.  I'm mad at how bad people are hurting right now and how much [...]

Be Encouraged

   It's been a rough year. Yet as a new blogger, authenticitee captured the potential of my range as a woman and as a writer. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people here. Those who regularly engaged with me by leaving comments, I got to know better than others. However you all have [...]