THEIR UNMUTED SOUND The saints were quiet  when I needed to  hear them the most.  Judgement preceded discernment.  Prayers an illusion. Their presence - ghost.  But it was those who  rarely or never darkened  church doors whose faith was strong.  They're the ones  who came looking for  me, when I shouted "present" during attendance  discerning [...]


            There's so much beauty in diversity; in learning about and appreciating different cultures. I am captivated by the mosaic of all faces, languages and nations. However as an African American woman living in the States, there are times others send hidden signals that I need to stick with my [...]


   THREEFOLD CORD Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NLT) "A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken". Often quoted at weddings in reference to the threefold union between husband and wife, implying God is at the helm; Biblical [...]

PAIN | To Feel Or Not To Feel

   When I was a small child, I made an embarrassing statement in ignorance that I was quickly chastised for. After being taught the definition of the word 'paralyzed'; I soon followed with a wish to be just that. Horrified by my statement, my Mom, a young widow at the time, immediately corrected me. Once [...]

LOVE. Let’s talk about it… | Bonus Video

   From poisoned lips to poisoned tips Tangled webs to undefiled beds Pretending it's not on our minds While stroking egos and scrolling timelines  I'm here for it Every angle of it Burned from it Healed by it Yes. I still believe in L O V E    @authenticiteespeaks on Instagram   | Meet me there [...]


   Good Morning authenticitee Family! I was tagged in an Instagram #WritingChallenge this morning. I had to tell a story in three words. I chose my story: God Still Heals. People often assume that healing is instant perfection and yes there are times when supernatural miracles happen; but I believe healing is also progressive at [...]

Don’t Be Afraid To Breathe Again

   Life has a way of knocking the wind out of us. We hurt in invisible places and scream in inaudible realms. Pain though painful reminds us that we are alive some days.  Breathing is a sign of life too. I believe the enemy, our inner-mes and friendemies cut off our circulation. Preventing us from [...]


   My friend @iamdishan's #Twitter Feed & Periscope was on FIRE last night! She discussed the VERY sensitive subject #Divorce among #CHRISTIANS & the 3rd leading cause of it: #Sexual Problems  She said, "Let me help some #married people... Holding out is not right & is detrimental" She and I are fellow #SuicidePrevention Advocates & [...]


   GOD REMIND ME Every time I feel a little down You send sunshine my way I kept looking down the street for my smile  Then found a note from You  Asking me to stay  I wandered and wandered away on purpose  I did not want to feel Your invisible touch  Instead I kept looking [...]

The Conversation Continues • Actor, Screenwiter, Playwright & Movie Producer Scott Rolfe • #CerebralPalsyAwareness

   The conversation continues.  Picking up where we left off with my friend Scott Rolfe. In this second and final segment, he speaks candidly about life with Cerebral Palsy.   Click Here for Part 1 Let's talk about your work as a movie producer. Well I've done The Cinema's a short film that I [...]