#TheLoveLetterProject | Daily #WritingChallenge | March 2018 | Day 24 – To Someone Who Wants To Heal

Welcome to Day 24 of #TheLoveLetterProject Writing Challenge created by Marie of The Notion Of Love! If you’re just joining me, you can catch up on the rules here! Day 24 To Someone Who Wants To Heal How bad do you want it, right? I mean certainly that would be the only thing hindering healing, […]


   I have a better appreciation for storm clouds passing and tornado sirens ending, now that I live in a region where that’s the new norm for me. I intentionally never speak of the region in which I live and often refer to the East Coast and more specifically Brooklyn NY; because that’s where my […]

WORD ON THE STREET IS… “You Don’t Look Like What You’ve Been Through”

Dear Beloved, I didn’t mean to startle you when I walked in on you adjusting your clothes. The way you stared into the mirror was so intense, it made me feel like you were looking for something long gone. Just wanted you to know that the word on the street is, “you don’t look like […]