DEAR MIRACLES | Love Letter to Our Children

I surprised her with blue hair in honor of #AlopeciaAwareness for their final concert last night & let her wear a lil' makeup for the occasion. I watched him getting dressed, whistling chord changes while buttoning his shirt and adjusting his locs now past his shoulders.  Being married to a musician for 19 1/2 yrs, [...]

AGAIN | Raw Poetic Response & Reflection

AGAIN Cheat on me again Ignore me again Choose her over me again Disrespect me again Yell at me again Don't buy me anything again Don't introduce me again  Choose them over me again  Lie to me again  Don't call when you say you will again Don't come when you say you will again Copy [...]


I'm known for giving nicknames and his is "Toronto King". Well deserved I might add. As mentioned before, some of the poets in this series asked to be featured while others were extended an invitation. Dela, a gentleman who is passionate about protecting my poetic voice was immediately supportive of my vision.  See, my connection [...]


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MEET IG POET @fromdust2dawn #WriterCrushSeries

He reminded me of family. I don't could've been the New York connection. I just knew that I always understood what he had to say and more importantly, what he wanted to say. Honoring his evolution, I journeyed with him as his username changed a few times and his poetic style transitioned in leaps [...]

BLUE SUGAR UPDATE: OUR DAUGHTER’S #HairLoss #AlopeciaAwareness

I've been wearing blue lipstick at times and with pretty good reason! I shared in this space a couple of years ago, about our then 10 yr old daughter's battle with sudden hair loss as a result of Alopecia. Blue is the awareness color for the condition and our daughter; now a 15 yr old [...]