Inspiration With E Are you a survivor? Can you inspire someone in a 1 minute video or less? What inspires you? Art, comedy, music? My new labor of love @InspirationWithE is something that I'm SUPER excited about! It's a space where I raise awareness while combining my love for fellow survivors, multicultural diversity, ALL genres [...]


***TRIGGER WARNING*** THAT WASN'T LOVE Dear Journal, I didn't know it was a trigger until it demobilized me. Thoughts of doubt, insecurity, shame and feeling unwanted chased me down the hallways of my already cluttered mind. I didn't know it wasn't love because I never thought about it not being Love. It was just...yeah.  Fast [...]

STILL |@EAInspiration

Posted earlier today on my new accounts: Instagram @InspirationWithE |@EAInspiration on Twitter S T I L L Dear Journal, Yesterday afternoon I had the best conversation with one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I know. She not only gave me food for thought, she challenged me to think outside the box without giving me crayons [...]


Soooo glad you're here! Welcome new faces! There's soooo many of you! Don't be shy! Take a moment to introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have!   Much Love! e Blog | IG | @authenticiteespeaks Twitter | @authenticitee Remember YOU MATTER! © Ericka Arthur and authenticitee speaks, 2015, 2016 Unauthorized use and/or [...]

WORD ON THE STREET IS…”You’ll Be There Too”

   Adulthood. A bit overrated eh? It seems the socially accepted window of time to run away from home has passed. Though tempted to run and hide or pack up and leave when life deals blow after blow; remember wherever you go, there you will be. Word on the street is, "you'll be there too." [...]

New Yorker @AaronWatford + Iceland = ICE COLD BROTHA

   Today, Feb. 3rd is an International Holiday!! It's Aaron's Birthday! (Cue music, release doves) Oh, who's Aaron? He's my friend from Junior High School (JHS) that I've not seen, nor actually talked to since JHS. If you were to compare our bios, and life experiences after JHS, you wouldn't think we ran in the same [...]