***TRIGGER WARNING*** THAT WASN'T LOVE Dear Journal, I didn't know it was a trigger until it demobilized me. Thoughts of doubt, insecurity, shame and feeling unwanted chased me down the hallways of my already cluttered mind. I didn't know it wasn't love because I never thought about it not being Love. It was just...yeah.  Fast [...]


​​ Uncut Video Below: Be encouraged & PLEASE encourage another!!! Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mommy! Thank you for your incredible support of every facet of who I am, strive to be and never want to be again! ​ WHEN MOTHER'S DAY ISN'T SO HAPPY Background song via B Slade - God Has Not [...]

WHO DO MEN OF COLOR TALK TO? #SuicidePrevention

ROUND TWO I'm in #Volunteer training again. I was talking to a friend about how things are rapidly changing in the field closest to my heart; #Suicide #Crisis #Intervention. Traditional training doesn't equip me to deal w/ Facebook Live suicides & the like. It's a different day we're living in & it's hard to ignore [...]


Did you know you could see to infinity and beyond when standing in that torch Lady Liberty is holding? Climbing those stairs during my Junior High class trip made us feel invincible. Oh and then there were the countless times I would go to see Mommy at work in the Twin Towers (era-late 80's). She [...]

Be Encouraged

   It's been a rough year. Yet as a new blogger, authenticitee captured the potential of my range as a woman and as a writer. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people here. Those who regularly engaged with me by leaving comments, I got to know better than others. However you all have [...]

Don’t Be Afraid To Breathe Again

   Life has a way of knocking the wind out of us. We hurt in invisible places and scream in inaudible realms. Pain though painful reminds us that we are alive some days.  Breathing is a sign of life too. I believe the enemy, our inner-mes and friendemies cut off our circulation. Preventing us from [...]

“Na na na na na! My Addiction is Better Than Yours!”

   When does it end? You know...bullying? Peer pressure, though often associated with teenagers is a life long issue many deal with. A peer is simply someone who's on your level. Peer pressure among adults, is often well masked and just looks a wee bit different. It's what makes us buy cars we can't afford, [...]