Her catalog is extensive and its every bit majestic. All of it. Every presentation aesthetically appealing and her pen is simply fire. An admirer from the onset, I was not only impressed with Marie's work, I was genuinely inspired by it. Bold and beyond creative; I found her Instagram page warm, inviting and brimming with [...]

MEET IG POET @lotusheart.romanisoul #WriterCrushSeries

Ilona ( pronounced "Ee-loh-nuh") is by far one of the most thoughtful people in our Instagram Poet community. She makes sure we remain a cyber family by looking out for the poet behind each poem. Be it health issues, life changes or an extended absence; Ilona reaches out to everyone. In addition to being considerate, [...]

MEET IG POET @the_artful_cp #WriterCrushSeries

I have been blessed to see different facets of her poetry unfold. There is a sincerity laced within her persona that finds its way into her writing. Even the pieces which speak of yearning and unrequited love are gentle. Inviting. Believable. Relatable. In her own words… If you were to ask Celine to describe herself, she would tell you [...]

MEET IG POET @SOULSCAPE73 #WriterCrushSeries

It is my pleasure to introduce my Authenticitee Speaks audience to an absolute gem. I visit Tialila Kikon's Instagram page frequently for several reasons. It is peaceful, aesthetically pleasing and her writing is second to none. I enjoy interacting with her and admire her ability to say so much in so few words. Grace personified, [...]


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When I first launched the #WriterCrushWednesday series, I gave an open call where everyone had fair chance to introduce themselves. It was however, equally important to reach out to more established poets that I admired from afar. Stacie Martin is one of those writers. With well over 50,000 Instagram followers, Stacie was incredibly gracious when [...]


THE LITTLE GIRL IN ME Written by Ericka Arthur & Shaquana Gardner  So here it is...  The Little Girl In Me Bright eyes and night cries Sang the song of my  Childhood lullabies Mirrors of beauty and pain Reflecting the puzzled image  Of my young heart's stain Did they see it in my smile?? Feel [...]

Meet Dr. K. E. Garland! #WritersCrushWednesday

Meet Dr. K.E. Garland of! An incredible supporter of Authenticitee Speaks, Dr. Garland adds author to her resume with the upcoming release of her book, 'The Unhappy Wife'.  A collection of fictionalized short stories based on true interactions, this wife of 20 years, professor and published writer has honed her craft with the intent of [...]